School Council

Our School Council meet once every half term to discuss issues from the pupils' point of view at Ballynahinch Primary School. As a school, we seek to give children a voice to input into school decision making.

Our School Council is made up pupils which were democratically selected by each class from Years 4 to 7.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions this year, there have been no new Councillors selected to date. We hope that this will be an option available to us soon.



The School Councillors for 2023/2024 are:

P4 - Lilly           Theodore  
P5 - Yana          Samuel
P6 - Erin           Nathan
P7 - Sophie     Oliver

If you have any ideas please speak to your class councillor.

Meetings normally take place every half term.

During the first meeting, we chose the following positions within the council.

Chairperson -  Oliver

Vice Chair - Nathan

Treasurer - Sophie

Secretary - Erin

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