Where did the House Competition come from?


In September 2018, Mrs Kirkland, with the help of the School Council, started the planning process.  At the meetings, the School Council decided that there would be four Houses and that their names needed to have a connection with the location of our school.  Who better to ask for some local advice but our own lollipop man, Mr Alec Morrow.  Mr Morrow suggested a long list of local townland and local names, but the school decided on the four that we now use: Montalto, Croob, Magheradroll and Edenavaddy.  The next big job was to allocate each child with a House.  Our House system goes from P1-P7 and to help Foundation and Key Stage One remember their house, we gave each House a colour: red, blue, green and yellow.


At the beginning of each school year, the P7's prepare a speech.  They deliver their speech to their House.  The children within that House, listen carefully to each speech and vote for the person that they would like to represent them as House Captain and Vice-Captain.


House Name Captain Vice-Captain


   Dan  Grace
Croob Nevaeh David Q
Magheradroll Kayleigh Thomas
Edenavaddy Molly K David M





How do you win points?


Each week, the House Captains collect the points from each class.  These points are then converted and displayed on our notice boards in the assembly hall and near the school office.

You can win class house points by answering well, showing good manners, displaying good behaviour, lining up quietly, walking quietly in the corridors, producing beautiful handwriting, presenting work to a high standard, always trying your best, listening well, showing kindness towards others, saying nice things to each other , helping your peers when they are stuck, being a good friend, including other children at playtimes, taking part in team sporting events, etc.  The list is endless...


During the year there are also competitions run by the teachers.  At the end of each half term, Ms Eakin gives out House points to children who achieve their Accelerated Reader targets.  You can also get points for having the biggest word count, being the top quizzer and even for becoming a word millionaire!  This is always a game changer!

In term 2, Ms Eakin also hosts the school Spelling Bee competition.  You get points for every word that you spell correctly.  

In term 3, Mrs Kirkland hosts the annual BPS Sports Day.  The children have the opportunity to score big as you get one point for every run that you make.  The teachers get really competitive with this one!


At the end of the school year, we celebrate our achievements, with the winning House being presented with the coveted winning trophy.  The winning House also gets a special treat.  


Who will be the winning House this year and what will the prize be?



Winning House


2020-2021 Edenavaddy
2021-2022 Magheradroll
2022-2023 Edenavaddy
2023-2024 Magheradroll