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P7 Ms Eakin

Welcome to the P7 Page

P7 pupils  have made a fantastic start to their P7 year. They are all working extremely hard to prepare for either their Transfer Tests in November or Maths and English for end of key Stage 2 testing. They are very much looking forward to what is planned in December when the tests are over!

They are loving all the roles and responsibilities which they have been given. Check out the photos below to see what they are all doing.

We have House Captains and Vice House Captains for our four School Houses; P7 School Councillors; dedicated librarians who are doing a fantastic job under the guidance of Mrs Gibson; a terrific Tech Team who assist the younger pupils with their computer skills in the IT suite.

P7 Christmas Craft 

P7 produced beautiful Christmas stockings for the PTA Christmas Craft Fair. The intricate craftwork involved sewing on buttons, blanket stitching all around the edge and fixing the fabric at the top with a glu gun. A special mention to Sophie, Beth and Kyle who were extremely skilled at creating their own stocking and helped many other P7s to complete theirs.  

A Tale of Christmas Past at Castle Ward

Our P7s joined P7 pupils from St Patrick's Primary School for a Shared Education event at Castle Ward. They used ink pens to write a Christmas Piece, played traditional Christmas games and learned about some of the Christmas traditions from Victorian times. They also made some Christmas craft to take home. They were dressed in Victorian costume which made the day all the more authentic. A terrific day was had by all.

Digital Literacy

P7 enjoyed using the book, The Paper Dolls, in their Digital Literacy project. In groups, they designed their own digital version of the story using the App, Book Creator. This involved a lot of artwork, which they photographed and included in their book. They also incorporated sound recordings to make each page interactive and as interesting and creative as possible. They had a lovely time sharing their Book Creator with the younger classes. They loved it! The sessions were such a success that P7 have been asked to read the original book to the younger children. P7 are looking forward to doing more Digital Literacy next term.

P7 Victorian Day

P7 loved their day in a Victorian schoolroom in the year 1847. Their outfits were fantastic and even their break and lunch were authentic. No plastic in sight! They played hopscotch, marbles, chasing and hide and seek. They can have fun without a football! They loved learning the three Rs, despite having an extremely strict teacher who used her cane several times and forced pupils to wear the Dunce's Hat! It was a really enjoyable learning experience for all. Well done to Leon for winning the potato!

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Odd Socks Day to show we are all different.

Jim and Hannah Majury from Ballynahinch Youth held a workshop to demonstrate how we are all different and special in our own way. P7 were made aware of various types of bullying and strategies for dealing with it.