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Ballynahinch Primary School and Nursery Unit

Happy to Learn

Welcome to the P6 page

 IFA Workshop on Race, Discrimination and Prejudice

Visit to Ballynahinch Library

This is our second visit and we are trying to use the Dewey decimal classification to tell a story. This was really interesting and enjoyable.

Viking Jewellery

Using clay to make Viking Jewellery


Using a trundle wheel to measure out the length and breadth of a Viking longboat.  We then looked at a scale drawing and worked out the area.

Craft Club

We made a pillow by learning how to sew using a running stitch and a blanket stitch.


We have been learning to read music, draw treble clefs and compose our own little piece of music! 

The High School Winners!

P6 winners of the The High School Open Night!  Well done Nathan and Abby and enjoy your Fitbits!


Day two of learning football skills. 


Day 1 of learning new football skills

Practical Maths

We were learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000 by moving the digits forward or back.


Session 1:  What Makes Me


Session 2: Kindness in Action


Session 3: Pessimistic to Optimistic


We are learning all about the digestive system and what would happen to the sandwich inside our body.


Playing maths games on the computer


Learning how to look after our mental health by playing fun ball games.  Thanks Hannah and Jim!

Anti-Bullying Week

A big thank you to Jim and Hannah, who came in this week to help us understand that it is alright to be different and we should be embracing our differences, as we get to know each other.

Saintfield High 
Having fun at dance or cooking. 

YMCA Building Resilience Artist Day

We came together with all the groups that the YMCA were working with and produced some art work which will be made into a poster.  This will be displayed in our school at a later date.