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Happy to Learn

P2 Miss Tate


Welcome to the P.2. page



P2 are an enthusiastic bunch of pupils who love to learn. 

Please check back on our page as we share our learning experiences with you throughout the year.  

KS1 Nativity 2019

P2 loved performing in our Nativity "I'm gonna shine" this year. 

We took on key roles of angels, shepherds and Herod's guards.  Hollywood here we come! 

Light & Dark Task-Time

Our new topic this term is Light & Dark.  We have been investigating materials and discovering which let light pass through completely, a little and not at all.  We have also sorted light sources, made rainbows and created shadows.  

ICT - Learning to Graph

P2 are developing new skills very quickly.  They have created bar graphs showing what they wore as Halloween costumes over the holidays.  They are able to explain what the most/least popular costumes were and how many children wore each costume.  

Shared Education 2019-20

We have started our new programme of Shared Education for the year.  We were paired up and found out some facts about each other, played together and visited Ballynahinch Library.  

Thank you Pamela for reading us some amazing autumnal stories.  We loved the scarecrow puppet.  

Harvest Task-Time

As part of this topic we have been learning through play. 

We have created 'fruity faces' using the My Story app, been roleplaying in our market shop, retold the Little Red Hen story in the puppet theatre, weaved autumnal shapes, made split-pin scarecrows and played 'farm life' in the sand.  

Maths - Measures

P2 have been learning how to use scales to work out which fruit or vegetable is heavier or lighter, and how many cubes it takes to balance an object.  

Autumn Detectives

P2 went exploring around our school grounds searching for signs of Autumn. 

We took a checklist and worked with a partner to see what we could find.