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Happy to Learn

P2 Miss Tate


Welcome to the P.2. page



Welcome to P2.  We have 28 wonderful boys and girls in our class who are so happy to learn.  This term one of our topics is 'Construction/Buildings' and the other is 'Seaside/Holidays'.  Check back and see what we are learning.   

Pointillism Art

P2 have been learning about the Seaside as our last topic for the year.  We learned about the artist - Georges Seurat.  We painted using tiny dots (pointillism) to recreate a picture of the seaside.  Didn't we do well?

3D Shape 

P2 have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes.  We had great fun playing a game.  One child had to put their hand in a 'feely' bag and give clues to the class using the correct terminology.  The rest of the class had to guess what the shape was by listening to the clues given.  

Construction Task Time

In class we have been learning about construction and different buildings.  We are really enjoying this topic.  We love to build houses and work on the job site, play in the sand, navigate the beebot from one area of the town to another and recreate a street in the town.  

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We took part in an eco workshop which made us think about which everyday objects could be recycled.  We also got to see some place mats, coasters and pencil cases that had been recycled into new products.  We enjoyed hearing about how we could help the environment and reduce waste.  

PE - Gymnastics

This term we have been learning how to travel and balance using different body parts.  We have learned how to do different 'rolls' on the mats, balance on low level benches and use the small apparatus.  We definitely improved our balance completing the different activities each week.  

Procedural Writing

This term we have been focusing on following and writing instructions.  We made split pin footballer, top hats and pancakes.  This has been so much fun!

Maths Tasktime Activities - Nov/Dec

We have been very busy this term - problem solving with dominoes, learning to tell the time to o'clock, ordering number cards in different ways (and with missing numbers, but we will not be confused) and sorting sweets correctly onto a Venn diagram. 

Light and Dark Topic

We have enjoyed learning about different light sources, nocturnal animals and shadows.  We have made silhouettes, shadow puppets in our tent and investigated which materials let light pass through and those that don't. 

Maths TaskTime Activities - Sept/Oct

P2 have enjoyed learning about 3D shapes and weighing objects.

P2 Harvest Tasktime Activities

We had so much fun in the seven different areas.  We played in the sand with farm animals, went shopping in our market, retold the story of 'The Little Red Hen' in the puppet theatre, made autumn trees, used yarn on autumn cut-outs, made split-pin scarecrows and fruit faces in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.